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Adult breastfeeding may prevent and cure cancer.
Women wear bras all day long that restrict the circulation and flow of blood
to their breasts, this condition cause cancer cells to foment in the breast.
Adult breastfeeding and erotic lactation activities involving the daily
vigorous massaging and suckling of the breast may prevent cancer and
cause women to live an extra 10 or 15 years – with a happy pussy.
Recipients of this process, adult breastfeeding digest the most potent
and organic nutrients and nourishment in the world that may cure and
prevent cancer. Do not depend on a medical miracle.
ABC is in the process of creating individually and privately owned -
Adult Breastfeeding Clubs in strategically located zip codes- nationwide.
Entrepreneurs and professionals, nurses, psychologist, etc. may acquire
the privilege to own and operate a Club in a specific area for a one-time fee
of $5,000.00. This is not a franchise. This arrangement may be a joint-
venture with your local partners to be owned and operated anonymously.
You must provide the facility and accommodations to operate this service.
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Benefit of Adult Breastfeeding
Erotic Lactation
A worldwide surplus and supply of female breast milk
may cure and prevent cancers caused by food
suppliers and medical services providers .
To acquire a privilege to own and operate an Adult Breastfeeding
Club in your zip code area, forward a $5,000.00 check made payable
to Ralph Juliano  via USPS Certified mail at
1800 N. Broom Street, # 902, Wilmington, DE 19802, Include 2 zip code
area numbers you choose to secure and your credentials.( about you )
In the event your choice of areas are not available, we will return your
check. Questions ?   ralphjuliano@verizon.net   Subject  ADULT
Can you manage this lucrative arrangement ?  Who can ?
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